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The enCourage Women's Podcast

Nov 20, 2018

Adoption and Foster Care

Jesus called the little children to Himself because orphans and children are dear to His heart. Today, Shea Patrick shares about God's faithfulness in her family's call to foster care and adoption. She tells how her family's hope in the gospel and their belief that the Church is called by God to...

Nov 13, 2018

Coming Alongside Our Military Families

Veteran's Day has just passed, but it's not too late to honor those who are serving. Today, Hunter Beless joins Karen Hodge to talk about how we can come alongside our military families both spiritually and in practical ways that enCourage their hearts with the Gospel.


Nov 6, 2018

Idols of a Mother's Heart

What motivates or distracts you from following Christ? Motherhood is a blessing, but can also reveal those idols of our hearts that distract our devotion to Christ. Christina Fox joins Karen Hodge to talk about replacing the idols of our hearts with a greater love for Christ.


Oct 30, 2018

Cultivating a Culture of Vulnerability

How can you get real with other women and foster a sense of safety that encourages others to share? Hope Blanton joins Karen Hodge to talk about how fear can keep us from real community, but the Gospel can make us strong and courageous.

Discussion Questions:

  • What are two things...

Oct 23, 2018

Singleness: Waiting with Purpose

What does it look like to put your identity in God--regardless if you are married or single? Bethany Belue joins Karen Hodge to talk about singleness and how God used waiting in her life to grow her faith.

Discussion Questions:

  • In a season of waiting, it can be easy to doubt God's love...