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The enCourage Women's Podcast

Mar 13, 2018

FaceTime - Your Identity in Christ in a Selfie World

Where do you find your value? When social media presents you with a picture of life that seems perfect when your own life seems to fall short, how do you keep the truth of Gospel as your anchor? And how do we, as mothers and grandmothers, equip our children in the faith? Today, Kristen Hatton joins Karen Hodge to discuss the importance of thinking biblically and reading in between the lines Facetime--Your Identity in Christ in a Selfie World.

Discussion Questions

  • How do you see social media encourage a culture of comparison?
  • How have you been tempted to compare yourself to others when you are on social media? Have you ever left feeling less than?
  • Is Jesus disappointed in you?
  • How should the work of Christ inform how we see ourselves? How does His sacrifice define your worth?
  • As a woman, is there a younger woman God is calling you to invest in? What is keeping you from engaging her?


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