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The enCourage Women's Podcast

Oct 9, 2018

Finding Holy in the Suburbs
What does it look like to live a full Christian life in the suburbs? Suburbs reflect our good, God-given desire for a place to call home. And suburbs also reflect our own brokenness. On this episode, Ashley Hales joins Karen Hodge to discuss how to find holy in the suburbs.

Discussion Questions:

  • How does where you live affect you?
  • Do you feel like you handle stress differently than those in your community? Would you go to Target to cope?
  • How do you see a longing in your life that can't be satisfied at Target?
  • Ashley said, "The goodness of the Gospel is never asking us for more." How does the Gospel enable us to be holy in the suburbs?
  • How does God's love empower you to love your neighbor?

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Finding Holy in the Suburbs

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