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The enCourage Women's Podcast

Apr 24, 2018

Loving the Word in a Distracted World: 

How do we get excited about God's Word? Technology can be a constant distraction that can keep us from loving God's Word in a meaningful way, so how do we disengage from the distraction to focus on tasting and seeing that God is good? Today, Mary Haberkorn joins Karen Hodge to share about her research on technology and Bible study.

Discussion Questions:

  • Does technology enhance or distract your time in God's Word?
  • Do you have someone who models a love of God's Word for you? What does his/her time with God look like? Does it involve technology?
  • Discuss how you might relate to God differently by opening a Bible and writing with a pen rather than looking at a screen. Do you agree with Mary that there is a difference between the two experiences?
  • Do you have accountability in your study of God's Word?

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