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The enCourage Women's Podcast

Apr 2, 2019

The Cross-Shaped Life: Farewell Words - Upper Room Discourse - John 14 With Susan Tyner

On today's episode Susan Tyner joins Karen Hodge to help prepare our hearts for Easter. As we enter into John 14, Susan challenges us to think deeply about the things Jesus said before His death and resurrection, because Jesus really was right!

Discussion Questions:

  • How does John 14 describe a hard day for Jesus?
  • Jesus and His disciples are facing a huge transition. How do you see Jesus reacting to that very near change?
  • How does John 14 describe a hard day for the disciples?
  • How do the disciples act that reveals, as Susan put it, their "separation anxiety"?
  • Susan says Jesus is asking the disciples to trust Him. How is Jesus asking You to trust Him right now?

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