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The enCourage Women's Podcast

Jan 29, 2019

Slowly Unraveled with Rachel Craddock

Is the Gospel really changing your life? We know it should make a difference, but if we are honest, change is hard and messy. On today's episode, Rachael Craddock joins Karen Hodge to talk about how the gospel has been slowly unraveling her past, to make her a new creation in...

Jan 22, 2019

No Ordinary Day Planner with Mimi Brady

Life isn’t glamorous or peaceful every moment of every day, so we must learn to have eternal eyes for the every day moments in our lives. Today, Mimi Brady joins Karen Hodge to talk about how our theology impacts how we walk through ‘witching hours’, messy rooms and...

Jan 15, 2019

Unhitching from the Crazy Train with Julie Sparkman

Julie Sparkman joins Karen Hodge to talk about her book Unhitching from the Crazy Train. Julie shares her experience as a biblical counselor to unpack biblical truths we need to find rest in a world we can’t control. Would you like to replace your unrealistic...