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The enCourage Women's Podcast

Sep 4, 2018

Even Better Than Eden:

How do you think of eternity? Can you even imagine a place better than Eden? On this episode of the enCourage podcast, Nancy Guthrie joins Karen Hodge to talk about God's glorious plan for a new Eden--and spoiler will be better than the original! Nancy shares how the hope of what is to come fuels our today in a transforming way.

Discussion Questions:

  • In telling the Bible story in four words, why does Nancy say "restoration" isn't a good enough word to describe what will be? Why would Nancy use the word "consummation" instead?
  • Think of Eden in terms of potential--not perfection. Where was Eden always headed?
  • How is what is to come going to be better than Eden was?
  • Nancy gives us the picture of the garden and the picture of clothing to help us understand. Which resonates the most with you?
  • What is the ultimate dwelling place of God? Do you long for that future?
  • How does the story of the Bible give you hope for today?

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