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The enCourage Women's Podcast

May 29, 2018

Loving Your Friend Through Cancer:

The diagnosis of cancer can be devastating. How do we come alongside a friend who is suffering with cancer in practical ways? Today, Marrissa Henley joins Karen Hodge to share about her battle with cancer and those who fought with her by encouraging her to keep her eyes on Jesus. She gives us practical ways we can minster to the body, mind, and spirit of those walking through the shadow of death.

Discussion Questions:

  • Describe your first reaction when someone you know is diagnosed with cancer? Have you ever struggled to know how to respond?
  • As a part of the Body of Christ, how does a cancer diagnosis affect the whole body?
  • Galatians 6:2 talks about bearing one another's burdens. How can your community share the burden of another's cancer?
  • Marissa described cancer as a "full time job you didn't want," and she shared that one way her friends came around her was by reaching out without requiring a response. What are some of the challenges a person suffering with cancer might face? How would responding to people's kindnesses be a burden to someone with cancer?
  • Marissa talks about both the community and the isolation she experienced with cancer. How does she counsel us to listen as we allow our friend with cancer to share authentically about her fears, emotions, and challenges? Should we be quick to offer advise or try to identify the struggle with one of our own?
  • How are empathy and time important in really loving someone with cancer well?

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