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The enCourage Women's Podcast

Oct 23, 2018

Singleness: Waiting with Purpose

What does it look like to put your identity in God--regardless if you are married or single? Bethany Belue joins Karen Hodge to talk about singleness and how God used waiting in her life to grow her faith.

Discussion Questions:

  • In a season of waiting, it can be easy to doubt God's love or God's goodness. What story from the Bible is a picture of God that affirms both His goodness and His love for His people in times of waiting?
  • During this season of life, on what are you waiting? Take a moment and really search your heart for those places of unfulfilled longing.
  • Bethany describes how her season of waiting made her go to God and His Word to find her identity. In your longings, have you turned to God?
  • Do you have friends that are in different seasons of life?
  • Who is on your team? Whose team are you on?

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