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The enCourage Women's Podcast

Oct 17, 2023

Women Around the World: Partnering Together to Strengthen the Global Church

We share the same struggles. We serve the same Christ. We live in radically different contexts, but the truth is, we are ALL called to live missionally!

In this series we will hear from women around the world about how we can partner together to strengthen the Global Church.

Connect to Robin Price

Robin was working as a teacher in North Carolina before becoming a full-time missionary with MTW. She served first for several years in Odesa, Ukraine, until 2020. Since 2021, Robin has served as the Women’s Ministry Worker at Oxford Presbyterian Church in the UK. She provides pastoral support for women of all ages (including university students and teens), seeking to encourage them in their daily walk with God, leading them in their study of scripture, and promoting their fellowship and care for one another. Their young church meets in the very center of the city and desires to be a growing light for the gospel of Christ in this diverse community.

Robin also works to encourage the spiritual and emotional well-being of our MTW women serving in Europe and to grow and strengthen our Member Care Team and its offerings.


Connect to Davinia Young

Connect to Mission to the World (MTW):

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