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The enCourage Women's Podcast

May 1, 2018


Same Here, Sisterfriend:

The adventures of motherhood can be both surprising and isolating. Today, Holly Mackle joins Karen Hodge to share about her new book: Same Here Sisterfriend. Join us as we laugh alongside her mom-community and connect with others who have clung to Jesus in the journey!

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Connect to Resources:


Engaging Motherhood  

  •  Connect with Caroline Saunders

Discussion Questions

  • What is the most surprising part of motherhood?
  • Do you have a funny story to share? What mom-scout badge would you have already earned?
  • How has motherhood given you a greater understanding of God?
  • How have you struggled to find your identity in Christ instead of in your children's behavior?
  • Have you ever excused yourself from a picture because of something external? What do you think about what Holly said, "I want to see me the way God sees me too: covered, surrounded, sheltered and enveloped in Christ's mighty love. That's the only frame of mind from which to decide whether or not to get in the picture"?

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